The Horizon’s Monthly Savings - November 2019

Percent Total Monthly Income Saved: 35%

Monthly Contributions:

Tax Advantage Account Savings (401K + employer match, IRA): $4821

Brokerage Account Savings (Vanguard, Betterment, Lending Club): $0

Monthly Piggy Bank Growth: $13,675

End of Month Percent to Final FI Goal: 19.3%

Percent Mortgage Paid Off: 84.70%

Total Approximate Interest Saved (using amortization tool): $133,714

Monthly Successes:

We are nearly 85% paid on the house! We can see the light at the end of the tunnel! We are predicting that we will have the house fully paid for early in 2020. Also in November we ramped up our HSA savings so this will be a new and interesting account for us to contribute to.

Monthly Shortcomings:

Once again, we have not been writing as much. This is something we will try to focus on. November was an expensive spending month. Between tires and a few things for the house we were well above our typical monthly spending. We are confident that this trend will not continue into December and the new year!


We have begun working out more consistently. We are prepping for a backpacking trip in Europe in July! The motivation of the trip is helping to get us into shape!

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