The Horizon’s Monthly Savings - March 2019

Percent Total Monthly Income Saved: 58.0%

Monthly Contributions:

Tax Advantage Account Savings (401K + employer match, IRA): $5280

Brokerage Account Savings (Vanguard Index Funds, Betterment, Lending Club): $2500

Monthly Piggy Bank Growth: $10492

End of Month Percent to Final FI Goal: 21.2%

Percent Mortgage Paid Off: 16.50%

Total Approximate Interest Saved (using amortization tool): $53448

Monthly Successes:

Started our aquaponics and built our bee hive! We are all ready for spring! On top of that, we started our seeds for the garden and began a composting box with red worms to make Vermipost. We did a pretty thorough spring cleaning and have decided to sell our college text books and a few other items we don’t use anymore.

Monthly Shortcomings:

Our food expenses went back up. It was not due to eating out, which is good, but we caught ourselves taking extra trips for more snacks. We will need to keep this in mind as we go into April. Mr. Horizon is struggling with work life balance. He needs to reduce the time spent at his job and spend more time working on passion projects. He will continue to work on creative solutions to find this.


We had to pay off our phones this month, this was a large unexpected expense. Paying this expenditure cut into our ability to pay extra on the house, but will reduce our month phone bill by $35. Also, we had to spend a little extra this month to get our two spring hobbies up and running. We are really excited to share the progress of our bee hive and aquaponics!

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