The Horizon’s Monthly Savings - July 2019

Percent Total Monthly Income Saved: 41%

Monthly Contributions:

Tax Advantage Account Savings (401K + employer match, IRA): $4535

Brokerage Account Savings (Vanguard, Betterment, Lending Club): $-975

Monthly Piggy Bank Growth: $6,087

End of Month Percent to Final FI Goal: 17%

Percent Mortgage Paid Off: 74.25%

Total Approximate Interest Saved (using amortization tool): $130,863

Monthly Successes:

Nearly 75% on the house payoff and still making progress towards our FI goal. We were able to save enough to get one extra principal payment on the house. We are getting out and socializing more with friends and family even starting a game night once or twice a month.

Monthly Shortcomings:

We ate out a lot this month and will be posting the food bill later on Instagram and are not looking forward to the results.


Earned an extra $3000 from side hustles and we will apply it to the house over the next few months. Looking into Airbnb for some big events we have in the area. We also watched a local screening of “Playing with FIRE” we found it to be a fantastic introduction for people who don’t know what the movement is all about.

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