The Horizon's Monthly Savings- January 2019

Percent Total Monthly Income Saved: 60.0%

Monthly Contributions:

Tax Advantage Account Savings (401K + employer match, IRA): $4420

Brokerage Account Savings (Vanguard Index Funds, Betterment, Lending Club): $2000

Monthly Piggy Bank Growth: $25,098

End of Month Percent to Final FI Goal: 19.5%

Percent Mortgage Paid Off: 14.95%

Total Approximate Interest Saved (using amortization tool): $50,114

Monthly Successes:

We have been keeping to one of our new year resolutions to only eat out once a month. As you know from prior trail logs we have struggled with eating out so we decided to make it a resolution and continue tracking our food expenses. In January we spent $290! We are looking forward to continuing this into February.

Monthly Shortcomings:

Mr. Horizon is having difficulty managing work life balance. The increased pressure at his job has had him working 6-7 days per week for 10-14 hours per day basically all of January. This is not something either of us want to continue and we are working towards a resolution in this area.


The markets have been up quite a bit so our monthly piggy bank growth looks ridiculous! Also, while working on our taxes this past month we decided to start contributing to a Roth IRA in 2019 instead of traditional IRA. We will keep our traditional 401k accounts to offset these.

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