The Horizon’s Monthly Savings - August 2019

Percent Total Monthly Income Saved: 41%

Monthly Contributions:

Tax Advantage Account Savings (401K + employer match, IRA): $4535

Brokerage Account Savings (Vanguard, Betterment, Lending Club): $0

Monthly Piggy Bank Growth: $1814

End of Month Percent to Final FI Goal: 17.1%

Percent Mortgage Paid Off: 76.67%

Total Approximate Interest Saved (using amortization tool): $$131,672

Monthly Successes:

Finally over 75% paid on the house and still saving 40% of our income. We had an amazing trip to Glacier National Park and hiked 80 miles or so through some of the most beautiful mountains we have ever seen. Mrs. Horizon started selling bee’s wax chapstick and they were a hit. She sold 12 so far and she has a back order for more but the amount of wax we can get is pretty limited. Maybe we need more bees haha!

Monthly Shortcomings:

The aquaponics experiment ended horribly this month with a failure in the pump while we were travelling. We do not intend to restart it at this time. If we ever restart it will be more thought out and likely done in a shed outside not in the basement. Although, we had an amazing trip it was the last big one for the year so now we need to start planning for next year.


This month we got a rewards credit card. We decided to go with the US Bank Cash+ card. They had $150 sign on bonus and 5% on 2 categories of your choosing each quarter, 2% on gas and groceries, and 1% on everything else. We found this to be optimal for us. We are little late posting this month due to being on the road away from services of any kind 😊!

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