Coleman Camping Coffee Maker

Rating (out of 5): ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Price We Paid: $0 It was a wedding present! On Amazon it is $39.99.

How long we have had it: 6 months

Pros: Easy to use, Great for car camping, Good coffee!

Cons: Bulky, Uses extra fuel, Doesn’t work well in cold weather

Would we buy it again?: We didn’t buy it the first time but after having it for a little while, I would definitely buy it again!

Comments: When we got this gift at our wedding we were very excited to use it! We used it for the first time on our honeymoon and we thought that the coffee turned out great! The Coleman Camping Coffee Maker works just like a regular coffee maker except that the water is heated up on your camp stove. Since the water has to come to a boil on a camp stove, it can take a little while depending on the amount of water that is added to the coffee maker. We have noticed that if you move the coffee maker slightly forward on the camp stove it can help the water heat faster. Even with the couple of cons of this camping luxury, we have been really impressed with it! After years of taking instant coffee “shots”, it was really nice to sip on a cup of delicious, hot coffee while looking out at the amazing peaks of Grand Teton National Park! We still struggle with instant coffee during back backing and when we have limited space. The Coleman Camping Coffee Maker allows us to avoid the dreaded instant coffee or worse… no coffee! We are looking forward to taking the Coleman Camping Coffee Maker with us on all of our car camping adventures!

Check it out on Amazon and have tasty coffee while camping!

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