Anker 15w PowerPort Solar Lite 2

Rating (out of 5):

Price We Paid: $52

How long we have had it: 1 year

Pros: Lightweight, compact, fold-able, Velcro pocket for cords, rugged design

Cons: Output current not high enough for newer phones no matter suns intensity

Would we buy it again?: No, we would not make this purchase again. It did not work as well as we had hoped and never was able to maintain much less charge any of our devices.

Comments: The Anker 15w version is not large enough to charge newer phones as the output current never reached anywhere near what was needed. It looks like Anker knows this and does not sell the 15w version on Amazon anymore, from what I can tell. Make sure you do your research and ensure that your phone will actually charge with the expected output current from a solar charger or charge a separate battery back that can then charge the phone. We found that instead of charging our phones it would actually drain the batteries faster even in full sunlight in Arizona. This was the result of the low current starting up the battery/charging monitor circuit inside our phone but not providing the required current so the circuit keeps activating temporarily, draining your battery even faster. I would not recommend this product at this time but it looks like Anker has created an upgraded model with a 28w output that may be better suited for today’s cell phones. Maybe we would consider trying it if we end up needing a solar charger for our next big adventure!

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