Our blog is designed to keep us accountable through our journey to financial independence by sharing our story, while inspiring others to re-imagine what creates true happiness. 
Everyone's journey is different so always remember Hike Your Own Hike!


Hello! We are Mr. and Mrs. Horizon!  We are just a couple of engineers who really enjoy spending time outdoors! So in order to have more time for the things we love, we are pursuing financial independence. We are at the beginning of our journey so in order to keep our sights on FI we have created the Trail Log with monthly updates on our net worth and spending habits. The Trekking Guide is a place where we dive into specific topics and events in much greater detail. The FI Compass will have tools that we have used or created to help us along the way.

So why crossing the event horizon? 
For those of you who may not be science nerds, the event horizon is the boundary of a black hole at which gravity becomes so great that not even light can escape it. In our view, developed nations around the world (the US in particular) have deeply confused true happiness with material consumption. It seems that everyone is overindulging and accumulating debt similar to the ever increasing gravity of a black hole. We are working to defy "gravity" to cross over to freedom and true happiness to a place where we can pursue fulfilling dreams and worth while endeavors. And with any luck, inspiring like-minded individuals who want to walk with us as we go against the gravitational pull of society!


Thank you for visiting Crossing the Event Horizon and we hope you enjoy our documented adventure and it will help you begin or continue your trek towards financial independence!


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Crossing the Event Horizon